Fagor Ederlan Tafalla foundry upgrades Compacted Graphite Iron production capability

The Fagor Ederlan Group has ordered a capacity and functionality upgrade of the SinterCast Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) process control system at its foundry in Tafalla, Spain. The order specifies an upgrade from the initial System 2000 installation to the full System 3000 standard in order to support intensified product development of commercial vehicle and industrial power engine components. The System 3000 has been installed and initial CGI prototype production is underway.

“Following our last investment of more than EUR 40 million in new melting and moulding facilities, we have positioned ourselves with the metallurgical flexibility and dimensional capability to fully realise the potential benefits of Compacted Graphite Iron” said Mr. Ignacio Ainzua, Engineering Director of Fagor Ederlan Tafalla S. Coop. “With the upgrade to the full SinterCast System 3000 standard, we look forward to supporting the CGI product development and series production needs of our customers.”


The car industry invests more Spain
Investment in Spain grew 42% in 2018, according to the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (Anfac).

The automobile industry invested more than 3,000 million euros, a figure that exceeds 50% the average of the previous five years.
In total, in the last six years, the sector has invested more than 13,000 million euros in Spain.
The car companies billed 66.550 million euros with 93,500 employees.

The 2019 main investor country in Spain is Mexico (26,408 million euros)



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Chinese investment increased 800% in Spain, 2014 - 2018

The Chinese investment in Spain is of 15,7 Billion dollars between 2014 and 2018, which has meant an increase of more than 800% with respect to the previous period - between 2009 and 2013 (Source Solunion).

Ford is investing $879.67 m in Spain
Ford is investing $879.67 m in Spain to expand its plant in Almussafes, Spain by 2020 to produce the new Kugamodel.

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Renault is investing $684m in Spain
Renault is investing $684m in Spain at its plant in Valladolid.The expansion project is expected to be finished by 2020,includes building a new caranda new engine.

PSA Group
The PSA Group announced a new plan, called SmartMAD2021,which will be endowed with an investment of €144 million euros for its production center in the Villaverde district in Madrid. This investment is part of the French group's commitment to upgrading its plants by introducing 4.0 Technologies.

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Jornada Tratamientos Térmicos 2020 Bilbao
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ITP Aero begins the construction of its new plant in Vizcaya, Spain.
The growing demand for "externals", the components that are used in the coating of aeronautical engines, has led the Spanish company ITP Aero, of the Rolls-Royce group, to build a new factory for the design and manufacture of these elements.
Ninth company in its sector for worldwide sales and one of the top one hundred in the global aviation industry, ITP has more than 3,500 employees in its plants in Spain, the United Kingdom, Malta, the United States, India and Mexico.
The new plant, which will invest 14.2 million euros, will open next spring at the Scientific and Technological Park of Vizcaya, in the town of Derio. This location is very close to Zamudio, where the company has its headquarters. More info in next edition of magazines metalspain.com

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FDI in figures
Spain has the sixth highest accumulated amount of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) and is the sixth largest investor in the EU.
In 2016, flows to Spain increased by almost 50%, reaching USD 16,800 million (USD 11,900 million in 2015). In addition, Spain has strong outward flows of FDI, estimated at USD 41,790 million.
Among the strong points of Spain to attract FDI is its proximity to Latin America, where several Spanish multinationals . (Source bank SANTANDER)


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RENAULT, PEUGEOT-CITROËN, NISSAN, IRIZAR are already manufacturing 5 full electric powered and hybrid vehicles in Spain.
Spanish Plants assembling 12 models with alternative energies propulsion (Gas, Hydrogen, electric)
Ford launched the new MONDEO Hybrid in the Spanish Plant of Almussafes.
AUTO-PARTS companies with plants in Spain advanced suppliers of components and systems for electric and hybrid vehicles.

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Jornada Tratamientos Térmicos 2020 Bilbao
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