United States of America, the United Mexican States, and Canada

To benefit from zero customs tariffs, the T-MEC defines transition periods to meet regional content value in the automotive industry; in light vehicles and light trucks, it started on July 1, 2020 with a regional content value of 66%, one year later it is estimated at 69%, the following year 72% and for July 1, 2023, 75%.

Between 1993 and 2015, trade between the three countries quadrupled, going from $ 297 billion to $ 1.14 trillion, boosting the economy of the three countries and lowering prices for consumers.

Mexico is the main vehicle exporter to the United States and by 2020, it is estimated that a quarter of all cars in that country will come from Mexico, according to information from the World Bank.

19.5% increase in investments in Querétaro

During the first half of 2020, Querétaro accumulated 160.2 million dollars of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) for the manufacture of parts for motor vehicles.
This is an increase of 19.5% when compared to the 134 million in 2019 (source Ministry of Economy).

Toyota: $ 170 million more in Mexico

The Toyota plant in Guanajuato began to produce in 2020, and now, it has to expand the production capacity, investing an additional 170 million dollars to the initial 700 million invested in the plant.

Querétaro's automotive industry: 316 companies: 200 Tier 2, 104 Tier 1, seven original equipment manufacturers, four R&D centers.

The new rules of origin is an area of opportunity by reducing Asian imports of parts for electric vehicles, for example, since companies in these areas have begun to settle in Querétaro, that is, one of the benefits of the T-MEC would be customs facilities for SMEs and, therefore, greater exports of these.

5 new European and Asian investment projects in the automotive sector in Querétaro now.

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HEF in Mexico

Querétaro - June 16th 2021 info

New models produced in Mexico in 2020

Ford brings new models to Mexican plants in 2020: the first electric Mustang, the Mustang Mach-E, is already produced at the Cuautitlán Izcalli plant.
Ford revives the Bronco: the first models are already being produced.
Volkswagen will begin a new SUV or Crossover.
Audi will produce the updated version of the Q5.
Mazda continues strong production of the recent CX-30.

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Pollmann International establishes new location in Mexico

 Waldviertel automotive supplier continues expansion
“By purchasing a 15,000 m² plot of land and with an initial investment of US$ 11 million, we are solidifying our claim to be as close to the customer as possible. This positions us as a relevant player in one of the world’s most dynamic automotive markets. It also offers us an exciting opportunity to grow our market shares in North America”, says Herbert Auer, CEO of Pollmann International. The new plant is located near Querétaro.


Safran new factory in Mexico

Safran new factory in Chihuahua to manufacture the interiors of the passenger planes produced by Boeing.
The company's notification was received on July 1, the day on which the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada entered into force. 800 jobs created.

Bombardier Recreational Products - BRP : Investment in Mexico USMCA - T-MEC

Valcourt, Quebec, July 2, 2020 – Bombardier Recreational Products - BRP announced today that it is increasing its manufacturing capacity with the construction of a new facility in Mexico to meet demand for its off-road vehicles (ORVs) business.

The planned facility represents an investment of an estimated CA$185M. BRP’s total capital expenditure for FY21 is now expected to be in a range of CA$275M to CA$300M. Site planning and construction are scheduled to begin within the next months, and the plant is expected to be ready for operation by Fall 2021.

Querétaro - June 16th info

The Puebla Component Plant of Volkswagen de México obtained first place in the 'Speed + 2019' competition, as the plant with the best results in assembly efficiency, out of a total of 23 Volkswagen Group factories.

This contest is carried out among the factories of the German automotive consortium that have component production processes.

A study says US companies that shift production from China cut costs by an additional 23% if they near-shored to Mexico.

AUDI manufactures the first premium car in Mexico and we are the first Audi Group plant in the entire continent.

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From june 18th, all the Auto industry  in Mexico are operating :

GM : 4 major sites – 19.000 employees - CHEVROLET, BUICK, GMC, CADILLAC and 550 GM Suppliers



FCA Mexico facilities wins Gold Award as top plant in the Americas
The FCA assembly plant in Toluca ( Mexico) wins Gold award for the first time as the best assembly plant in America ( Manufacturing Quality according to studies) by J.D. Power.
The Belvidere assembly plant in Illinois was awarded the bronze award.

BMW opened its plant in San Luis Potosi on May 11.

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zValeo expects automakers to gradually recover before the end of April in Europe
and the end of April / beginning of May in North America.

Valeo expects sales in China to return to 2019 levels in the second quarter.

Valeo with a fall of 8% of its turnover in the first quarter to 4,488 million euros.


Air Liquide reports revenue of 5,370 million euros for the first quarter of 2020,
showing comparable growth of +0.6%

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HSC is slated to resume production on May 4.

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Investments in Mexico + 7.8% investment

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Mexico for the third quarter of 2019 totaled 26,055.6 million dollars, an increase of 7.8%

The US invests 34.9%, followed by Spain with 15.5%, Canada with 10.4% and Germany with 10.1%.

Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BMW AG:

  The coronavirus issue (COVID-19) is currently dominating all areas of our lives. However, we must also think ahead about the times to come. The BMW Group is a company that thinks long-term and acts responsibly. I firmly believe that: The momentous technological transformation and social changes that are taking place today will actually strengthen our business model.
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New investment of US$ 450 million in Mexico

NIDEC, a Japanese engine supplier, announces an investment of 450 million dollars in a second plant in Mexico, with an annual capacity of 2.4 million units for car manufacturers.
Production will begin 2023 in Mexico.

TAIGENE GROUP  : new plant in Mexico

TAIGENE GROUP will produce electric motors for steering systems, windshield wipers, seats, fans, air pumps and air conditioning systems for GM, Ford, FCA, BMW and many others by being tier 2 supplier of global companies such as Nexteer or Continental.

With an investment of 45.7 million dollars, the motor plant for the automotive industry began production in March.

With this plant, the state exceeds 5 billion dollars of investment in the sexennium.

Querétaro June 16th info

IUSA Electromobility division, produces in Mexico, electric and hybrid vehicles for the national and Latin American market.

4 models are available all electric and hybrid : BALAAM ( 100% electric), OLIN (hybrid), IKN (electric Minivan ) and ATL ( SUV electric)

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Volskwagen TIGUAN in Mexico : +13%
Volskwagen Tiguan is the model most produced by the Mexican automotive industry in 2019, with 221,731 units manufactured, 13% more than the previous year.
The SUV produced at the Puebla plant exported 128,821 units to the United States and Canada, Europe 44,535, Central and South America, 21,870 units.

The incorporation of 800 robots in the production of the Tiguan model stands out.
VW obtains 70% of its electricity consumption for the production of vehicles and components from renewable sources.

Mexico autoparts industry, such as Rassini and Nemak grew by 2.2% in 2019.

Automakers must gradually raise Mexican local content to 75% to get no tax to sale in the US and Canada as agreed in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)

INA expects sales in 2020 to surpass $100 billion for the first time.

Three Chinese automakers are considering a move to Mexico as evidence of the lift .

Martinrea buys Metalsa's structural components division

Metalsa S.A. de C.V. is a leading Mexican company in the production of metal structures for vehicles.
Martinrea International Inc. purchases the Metalsa Passenger Vehicle Structural Components Division, which includes operations in Germany, the US, Mexico, South Africa and China.

The 2019 main investor country in Spain is Mexico (26,408 million euros)

MEXICO Special Energy Transition Program 2019-2024

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New Toyoda Gosei plant

Toyoda Gosei produces seals for Toyota, Ford, Nissan and Honda. With an investment of 580 million pesos, the plant has already finished its construction and will begin operations in San Luis Potosí, near Querétaro.

With an investment of 580 million pesos and 900 direct jobs, it is the second Toyoda Gosei plant in Mexico : first is Mexquitic plant, opened in April 2008 and expanded in 2015.

f BMW armored vehicles in new BMW plant in Mexico


Customers who buy an armored car are exposed to special threats, such as attacks with firearms and explosives.
Daniel Huber  Engineer for BMW armored vehicles


Video of the new plant below.

The Canadian company Delastek of the aeronautical sector, announced an investment of 10 million dollars for its expansion project in Querétaro.
The aerospace company is dedicated to the production of aircraft cabins for Bombardier Aerospace.
In addition to the 17 million dollars that the company invested in its first stage of the project, Delastek announced a total investment of 27 million dollars in the state.

ZKW Group: new plant in Mexico
For its customers AUDI, BMW, Volvo, Mercedez Benz, Volkswagen, and General Motors, ZKW Group creates a second auto parts plant (58 million dollars) in Silao after the success of its first plant in 2014 (74 million dollars).

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Exco Technologies Limited announced an investment of 25 million dollars its plant in Querétaro.
The Canadian company specializes in the design, construction and development of molds for the automotive industry.

ITP Aero expands its facilities in Querétaro, Mexico
Querétaro's new facilities will be dedicated to the design and production of two types of Externals: pipes and end-fittings - pipe connectors. The expansion includes the redesign of the production cells, the increase in the production flow and more space for growth in production facilities as well as in staff and offices. In addition, the new facilities expand the technological capabilities of the ITP Aero plant in Querétaro.
In addition, a 9% increase in pipe production is expected, producing 327,000 pipes in 2020, as well as reaching 230,000 end-fittings in 2020

Querétaro June 16th info

Engineers are looking for the aeronautical companies in Querétaro since Bombardier, Safran and Airbus continue to reinvest and bring more manufacturing plans.

KIA: more than one million units produced in Mexico by 2020

The Pesquería plant has made 244,800 vehicles until October 2019, and they expect to reach 300,000 by the end of the year. With this, the plant will reach 868,400 units produced since May 2016, and will exceed one million in 2020.

Mexico Industrial parks: more than double 2019 in the Bajío.
The Bajío region finished the third quarter with more than 495 thousand square meters under construction for 36 projects, especially in the automotive industry.
For the third quarter, CBRE recorded more than 106 thousand m2 of new, demand more than double the 40 thousand registered until 2Q 2019.

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MAN Truck & Bus México inaugurates new production line.
MAN Truck & Bus Mexico, inaugurated a new line to increase its daily production, with 15 years of being established in the state of Querétaro

General Motors de México : 550 GM suppliers are established in Mexico

4 major sites – 19.000 employees - CHEVROLET, BUICK, GMC, CADILLAC.

The new Toyota plant in Mexico, will increase capacity by 62 percent.
Infrastructure ready soon to produce Tacoma in Apaseo el Grande, Guanajuato
Toyota will produce Tacoma trucks in this  new factory and will have the capacity to build another model in a construction 640 hectares with an investment of 1 billion dollars, for only its first stage.


The only plant of the firm with similar dimensions is located in Kentucky ( producing Camry Hybrid, Avalon, and the four-cylinder and V-6 engine).
Eight more new OEMs are installed on this site, and there are many more OEM nearby.

Mercedes-Benz made in Mexico: Class A Sedan 2020

Produced at the COMPAS plant, Aguascalientes, Mexico, the model has the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) that recognizes voice commands.
Mercedes-Benz exports this model in the US, Europe and Asia.

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2019 was a year full of important milestones for Volkswagen de México: the Puebla plant increased its production by 1.8%, manufacturing 443,414 vehicles.

In addition, Volkswagen de México increased its exports by 10.1 percent compared to 2018.

Honda automobile production in Mexico will be concentrated at the HONDA plant in Celaya, México, starting in 2020 with an annual production capacity of 200,000 units, will produce more efficiently the HR-V and Fit models for the national and global market.

The HONDA plant located in Guadalajara continues its operations focusing on the production of motorcycles, strength products and spare parts.


Visteon: new technical center in Mexico
The leading American company in automotive cab electronics, Visteon Corporation inaugurates a new Engineering Center in Querétaro, with 2,000 square meters of extension for 600 software and hardware engineers with an investment of 174 million pesos.

Nissan new investments in Mexico
The Japanese automaker Nissan prepares more investments to optimize its production lines in Mexico to manufacture a new generation of its cars and renew 60% of its catalog.
José Román, president and CEO of Nissan in Mexico, said that at the moment they injected 278 million dollars to assemble the new Versa in Aguascalientes, including 83 million for reconditioning of machinery and equipment.
Nissan with 20.5 percent of the Mexican market, is the brand that sells the most cars in Mexico.

Volkswagen invests 2.5 billion dollars in Mexico until 2020
Volkswagen de México confirmed its investment plan for 2,500 million dollars until 2020 in the country, this in order to deal with the ratification of the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC), which calls for an increase in% of parts produced in Mexico to enter without tariffs in the USA.
The supply in Puebla is increased to produce the new Tarek SUV in 2020.

Querétaro June 16th info

New BMW plant in Mexico

The new BMW Mexico plant in San Luis Potosí cost more than one billion dollars has the capacity to produce about 175,000 units annually, exporting to many countries and Europe the new generation of Series 3 in more than 70,000 square meters and 300 hectarias of land, with more than 2000 employees. BMW video

Mexico Industrial parks: more than double 2019 in the Bajío

The Bajío region finished the third quarter with more than 495 thousand square meters under construction for 36 projects, especially in the automotive industry.
For the third quarter, CBRE recorded more than 106 thousand m2 of new, demand more than double the 40 thousand registered until 2Q 2019.

Hirotec will inaugurate its second plant in San Luis Potosí in December

The Japanese auto parts company Hirotec will be a supplier of the German automaker BMW in San Luis Potosí.
Hirotec has a plant in Silao, Guanajuato to manufacture parts for General Motors, FCA, Mazda and Daimler Truck.
In its second plant in Mexico it will be dedicated with advanced robotics and Industry 4.0. to the manufacture of exhaust systems, edging tools for closure systems for BMW


Ford: New technology center in Mexico

The Ford Technology Research and Development Center (CTIDIA in Spanish) has to be opened in two months. It comes with 41 thousand square meters of offices and 20 thousand square meters for testing and development of Ford products.
In its laboratories, the center can test 214 cars and 14 trucks. The production of FORD's next electric cars has been announced at the Cuautitlán Izcalli plant.

It will employ 3 thousand people, and indirectly more than 10 thousand.

Engineers are looking for the aeronautical companies in Querétaro since Bombardier, Safran and Airbus continue to reinvest and bring more manufacturing plans.

Querétaro June 16th info

General Motors de México inaugurated ASUQ Laboratory in Querétaro
550 GM suppliers are established in Mexico.
The Advanced and Collaborative Engineering Laboratory at Arkansas State University Querétaro (ASUQ) was inaugurated.

Autoliv expands operations in Mexico
With an investment of 1,200 million pesos, Autoliv announced the expansion of its operations at its Lerma plant, where it manufactures safety belts for the Automotive Industry.
This investment will increase the production of 25 to 40 million car seat belts per year, as well as the generation of 1,000 jobs.

Autoliv has a presence in several states of Mexico, with a 50 percent participation in the North American market, offering seat belts, airbags and steering wheels, among other products, for more than 100 brands in the automotive sector.


The German company KAMAX invests $ 45 million in Guanajuato with 215 jobs.
The company will produce screws, bolts and other components for the automotive industry.

With Kamax they add 44 German companies installed in the State, placing this country as one of the three main economic partners together with the USA and Japan.

Nissan Mexicana: 13 million units produced

Nissan Mexicana has produced 13 million vehicles with 4 plants in Mexico.

The CIVAC plant produces Nissan Versa, the largest volume model in Mexico; and the Nissan NP300 and NP300 Frontier pick ups.

The Nissan Aguascalientes A1 plant employs more than 6 thousand people, including the engine plant. The models produced in this plant also include Nissan Versa, Nissan Kicks and Nissan March.

With an investment of 2 billion dollars, the Nissan Aguascalientes A2 plant opened at the end of 2013 produces Nissan Sentra.

Mexico ranks as the fourth most important market for the NISSAN brand globally in volume, after the United States, China and Japan.

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Webasto Expands Production Capacities in Mexico

Investments of 40 million euros in larger plant in Irapuato. Webasto, one of the Top 100 automotive suppliers worldwide, celebrated the opening of its third plant in Mexico due to increase of production.

Scania increases its investments in Mexico by 50% in 2019 and 2020

Scania Mexico announced a 50% increase in its investments, due to the great potential to increase its participation in the truck segment in Mexican territory, which will result in a greater number of jobs and opening 6 points of sales.

Querétaro June 16th info

Engineers are looking for the aeronautical companies in Querétaro since Bombardier, Safran and Airbus continue to reinvest and bring more manufacturing plans.

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New Nemak plant in Mexico

Construction of a new plant to produce 200 aluminum alloy components for electric battery housings for electric cars.
By 2022, Nemak has contracts for 1 Billion US $ which will represent 20% of its sales.
This new plant in Mexico is the 39 Nemak plant that has 22,000 employees worldwide


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Investments of 688.2 million dollars

Ferromex and Ferrosur seek to have a greater capacity to face the dynamism of the automotive sector. They moved 72 percent of the total production of the Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen plants.
Ferromex, Ferrosur, Kansas City Southern of Mexico and Ferrovalle allocate 688.2 million dollars, representing an increase of 15 percent over 2018 and the highest level in a decade.

Spanish firms: + 183% in Mexico
Information from the Ministry of Economy indicates that in the last five years foreign direct investment in electricity generation and transmission in Mexico amounted to 8 thousand 609 million dollars, of which 49.4 percent corresponded to companies with Spanish capital, where renewable energy they are the most important.
That is, the companies of that European country disbursed 4 thousand 249 million dollars, 183 percent more than in the previous period, which goes from 2009 to 2013.
The amount invested by Spanish companies for renewable energy projects is increasing rapidly, as they were approved in the last three years 6 thousand 231 million dollars

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Investments also in Jalisco

Many investments in Queretaro, and nearest Jalisco is the third favorite state for new investments, since 27% of companies expect to open new businesses according to the Perspectives for 2019 KPMG study.

US$ 35.6 billion investment as of January 2019
Investment agreement of the government of Mexican President Lopez Obrador with that of President Trump for southern Mexico as well as Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador has been reached for an amount of 35.6 billion dollars as of January 2019 see here

Mexico displaced South Korea as the sixth largest producer of motor vehicles in the world in 2018, consolidating in the industrial sector in which it is most competitive.
Mexico produced in 2018 4.070.606 vehicles.
While Mexico's production climbed year-over-year from 2010 to 2018, that of South Korea fell 13.5% last year, compared to its record high in 2011 and Hyundai Motor has moved production to Mexico and India.

Mexico becomes the 4th world exporter of automotive products

Mexico exported 127 billion dollars and ranked 4th in the countries that export automotive products in 2017, after Germany, Japan and the United States (EU).
The main exporting countries of the automotive industry: Germany with 17.8% of the world total; Japan 9.9%; EU, 9.4% and Mexico 7.6%, followed by the Republic of Korea, with 4.6%.


Valeo : plant in San Luis Potosí
In order to double its production, Valeo Térmico began construction in San Luis Potosí of its new plant with an investment of 43 million dollars, for the production of 11 million units of thermal systems.
In the plants that already operate in San Luis Potosí, a total of 5000 workers have been counted. Valeo in San Luis Potosi produces windshield wipers, engine cooling systems, electronic systems and compressors.

Whirlpool: new investment in plant in Mexico
Whirlpool, a leader in the manufacture of household goods such as stoves, refrigerators and washing machines, invest $ 5 million to create a new warehouse at its plant in Guanajuato.


BMW Group transfers production plant in Mexico

BMW Group transfers part of the production of its Series 3 from Germany to the plant that is about to open in San Luis Potos, Mexico and which increased its expectation of vehicle manufacturing to 175 thousand units per year.

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From 2010 to 2017, the GDP of the Mexican automotive industry grew 12.3% on average.
In 2017, this industry impacted 90 economic activities in the secondary sector and 70 in commerce and services.
By 2018, the numbers are even more important (since Mexico displaced South Korea as the world's sixth largest vehicle producer in 2018) and expectations for 2019 higher.

Mexico, China's second largest trading partner in Latin America; more investment is expected from the Asian country
Latin America is the second destination of Chinese investment, and Mexico the second largest trading partner of China in Latin America, the Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Tijuana, Yu Bo, foresaw the arrival of more investment in Mexico.
Chinese investment in Mexico has significant growth potential, as Chinese companies are increasing their production.

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Mexico increased its exports at a rate more than doubled compared to Brazil
Mexico has increased its exports at a rate that is more than double that of Brazil in the last decade, both being the largest exporters in Latin America.
Mexican exports of products totaled 451 billion dollars in 2018, increasing 55% compared to 2008 (Inegi).

The total Mexican exports of December 2018 registered 37.5 billion dollars, a level that exceeds 4.3% last December, which amounted to 35 billion dollars. On average, the level of Mexican exports grew 10.3%.

SAFRAN inaugurated its sixth factory in Querétaro, Mexico.
230 people will work in this factory this year, and almost 600 in 2021

"Since October, this plant produces blades for our new LEAP engines, which will then be installed on the Boeing 737 MAX.
More than 14,000 units of LEAP engines have already been ordered by the airlines!
Querétaro was chosen because the plant will be near our other sites in Mexico and because we have excellent relations with local authorities. In addition, a training center has been established at the Aeronautical University in Querétaro / UNAQ. "

Mexico captured US $ 17.8 billion of foreign direct investment in the first half of 2018

270 new companies with a total investment 2012-2017 of 13 billion dollars, mainly from the automotive and auto parts sector.
The companies that have invested in the entity come from : Mexico, Japan, United States, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Korea, Brazil, India, Turkey, Holland, Taiwan, Austria , Sweden, Tunisia, Slovenia, Portugal, China and Israel.

Fagor Ederlan : two new automotive plants in Mexico

Dedicated to the manufacture of automotive components in iron and aluminum, Fagor has invested 80 million euros in both factories, located in San Luis Potosí. The joint workforce is 350 workers. The most powerful investment, 72 million euros, has been for the plant dedicated to the manufacture of suspension hangers in aluminum for global 'premium' customers. It has a team of 280 people and a productive capacity of 2 million molten and mechanized components.


Vehicles Production / producción de coches 5 Millions Vehicles to be produced in Mexico in 2 years

Mexico-USA New Free Trade Agreement

The new treaty NAFTA requires for a sharp increase in automotive components from North America ( Mexico, USA, Canada)
As a result, companies in Mexico are urgently increasing production. The whole industry benefits.

5 Millions Vehicles to be produced in Mexico in 2 years

Vehicles Production in Mexico / producción de coches en México


Investment confirmed by the Acting Governor, Manuel Gonzalez Flores, and Samuel Guzman, Undersecretary of Investment and Industrial Development.

In 2018, two new plants of Chinese firms made a joint investment of 37 million dollars and 510 jobs.

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The brands that most accelerate their production in September 2018 are Toyota and KIA, which showed an increase of 45.2% and 26.9%, with a total of 18,410 units and 28,300, respectively.
They are the figures of production of cars for September 2018.

In 2020, the Volkswagen assembly plant will assemble a new vehicle in Puebla.
In addition, the Q5 ascent in Audi will continue.

Mexico + 7% of foreign investment in the first quarter 2019

Investments of 10 billion dollars is a minimum : it is necessary to add Mexican investments and some other foreign investments (only investments notified to the National Registry of Foreign Investments of the Mexican Ministry of Economy are considered in the 10 billion).

1,809 companies with foreign capital participation invested : manufactures covered 36.7%; financial and insurance services, 23.8%; trade, 10.4%; mass media information, 7.4%; generation of electricity, water and gas, 5.8%; and construction, 5.4%, etc.

USA invested 43.1%; Spain, 13.8%; Belgium, 6.9%; Canada, 5.8%; Netherlands, 5.2%.

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The Japanese automotive company Aisin Automotive, is the first company to be installed in the Marabis Industrial Park in Comonfort, Guanajuato.
With an investment of 30 million dollars and more than 300 employees, the company will be dedicated to the production of door frames, door handles, central pillars, sunroofs, window regulators and exterior handles for the Automotive-Auto parts sector.
Among its main clients are General Motors and Toyota.


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