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- Worldwide Evolution of Foundry in Automobile
Industries 2004 - 2016
- The Statistical Complexity of Mesuring Foundry and Casting Defects in Automotive Transmission and Engine Components.
- Uso de sensores y sistemas modernos de control moderno par productos con alta calidada, uso más eficiente y bajos costos de producción.
- Fusión en autocrisol (ISM) por inducción y fundición en pequeños sistemas ( para la serie pequeña, piezas pequeñas y laboratorios)
- Die design solutions to reduce rejection in High Pressure Die castings
- Optimization of Heat Treating for Foundry Castings - DHANAPRAKASH
- Induction in Foundry : new optimal techniques
- Detección automática de rayos X en tiempo real
- Degassing in Foundry
- more to come

apers have to present CASE STUDY in a pratical point of view for foundry and die casting technologies.

After 20 minutes for each presentation, 10 minutes are reserved for audience questions.
To present a paper, please send the tittle for approval

Every year the most outstanding Foundry and Die Casting professionals meet in Queretaro.
2017 Congress is the 5th edition, after 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 events, all located in the same Congress center and Hotel in Querétaro, the most dynamic area of Mexico for investment.

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9:15 Conference
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12:00 Conference
14:30 Lunch
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18:00 Ending and visit stands