As regards industry, Italy is usually renowned just for the well known 3 F: fashion, furniture and food, thereby disregarding machinery manufacturers' industry that contributes significantly to the Italian export bringing to a remarkable trade surplus.
In this context, Italian plastics and rubber processing machinery and equipment manufacturers play a leading role: 250 companies (most of them belonging to ASSOCOMAPLAST) and a workforce of around 12,000 employees in addition to hundreds of SMEs producing moulds, accessories and components.
These are just some of the figures that allow to understand the importance of this industry which has been ranking a top position worldwide for many years (the volume of the export is second after the German one).
To support the overseas marketing activity of companies, ASSOCOMAPLAST (Italian Plastics and Rubber Processing Machinery and Moulds Manufacturers' Association) has printed and published a survey entitled "Italy & Made in Italy", with the presentation of the production of each Member, alternated by descriptions and pictures of 33 among the most beautiful piazzas in Italy.
It was thus matched the intelligence that granted, over the centuries, to build public squares and monuments (that makes our country unique) with the technological creativity of Italian companies. By the way, it is not surprising to know that more than 500 patents of plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers are hold by Italian companies, whose machines offer an integrated approach to the demand of users as regards energy efficiency, reduction of production costs and safety in the workplace.
About 10,000 copies of the survey "Italy & Made in Italy" have been printed and distributed to as many overseas plastics processors.

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