Huge interest from the automotive and engineering industries
EuroMold 2009: Rate of international visitors continues to rise

The 16th EuroMold closed its gates on Dec. 5, 2009, and hosted 56,372 trade visitors from 86 countries in four days. Thereby the rate of international attendees continued to grow. In total EuroMold 2009 greeted 19,535 international visitors, a quota of 36.6% (2008: 32.2%), hence an increase by 10.2%.

International Attendees
By tradition EuroMold is of major importance for countries from Central and West Europe. The biggest visitor countries were Switzerland (9.0% of all international attendees), and Italy (8.7%), followed by Austria (8.6%), the Netherlands (7.1%), France (6.5%), and, Spain (5.6%).
Also in Asia EuroMold is of growing importance for exhibitors as well as trade visitors. The continent was well represented by South Korea (2.3%), Japan (1.6%), India (1.0), China (1.5%) and Taiwan and Iran (both 0.7%).
Other important visiting countries were USA (1.7%), Israel (1.7%), Brazil (0.8%), and South Africa (0.4%). EuroMold 2009 hosted trade visitors from Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, Gabon, the Republic of Mauritius and Tajikistan, too.

Trade visitors by field of industry, position and division
Most attendees at EuroMold 2009, 25.3%, were from the automotive industry. This is a growth by 17.0%. The number of trade visitors from the engineering industry has risen sharply up to 21.2% (2008: 17.3%). Other important sectors were the electrical & electronic industry (6.4% of all attendees), medical technology (6.3%), plant construction (4.5%), packaging industry (3.3%), consumer goods (3.1%) and aerospace (2.9%).
Traditionally most visitors at EuroMold are executives and consequently decision makers. This group of attendees comprises managers (14.1% of all trade visitors), proprietors (11.1%), CEOs (10.4%) and foremen (6.6%). A considerable number of attendees were product development managers (4.3%), production managers (3.4%), chief operating officers (3.4) and purchase officers (3.1%).
Most represented departments were production (22.0%), construction (17.2%), sales (13.6%) and R&D (11.4%), purchase (8.9%), product development (8.1%) and design (7.1%).
23.4% of all attendees came from enterprises with 100 ­ 500 employees followed by companies with more than 500 workers (21.9%) and companies with 10 ­ 49 employees (21.8%).

Round up
On the 16th World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development, held on the Exhibition Center of Frankfurt, 1,354 exhibitors from 37 countries showcased their products and services, including many world premieres in different sectors. EuroMold 2009 set standards with its new hall concept, the host country Poland, a comprehensive international conference programme and the special feature shows 'e-production for everyone' and 'Automation within moldmaking and tooling'. ,Increasing numbers of trade visitors from abroad, the high acceptance of the new built hall 11.0 and the large interest in the special feature shows were far beyond our expectations', said Dr. Ing. Eberhard Döring, Exhibition Manager of EuroMold 2009. 'More than ever EuroMold has become an absolutely essential driving force for innovation and growth of the entire product development, and has also expanded its position as the leading world fair for this industry.

Especially with regards to the economical challenges EuroMold 2009 impressed with a high number of trade visitors. "A big surprise was the huge quantity of interested attendees", said Konstantin Bikar, CEO of BIKAR Metalle. "Sensational were the significant contracts we signed up on our booth with some big and renowned new customers, which is very unusual in our field of industry. " Also for Dirk Dombert, CEO of Cimatron, EuroMold 2009 "was a very successful event. Contrary to all fears due to the crisis the number of prosperous contacts increased significantly." Marco Schülken, CEO of Werkzeugbau Ruhla, was "positively surprised that EuroMold 2009 on the first day already had such a rush of visitors". Andy Middleton, CEO Europe of Objet Geometries GmbH, was "staggered by the high number and quality of trade visitors, which came and met us at our booth on the first day already. The flow of attendees was on a high level all 4 days. It was great, we are excited. "
(further testimonials in the appendix)

The most important international conference on future markets Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing, organised by Wohlers Association, Fort Collins / USA, had an excellent feedback and gained much international interest. Meantime the Wohlers Conference has become an annual tradition at EuroMold.
The international conference "Thermoforming", arranged by Society of Plastics Engineers, as well as the Formula Student Workshop, for the second time at EuroMold attracted worldwide attention, too.

Outlook on 2010
EuroMold 2010 will be held December 1 ­ 4, 2010, on the Exhibition Center of Frankfurt. The 17th World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development will comprise more than 1,500 exhibitors from 40 countries and approximately 60,000 trade visitors.
The positive feedback we have received after EuroMold 2009 does already today indicate that EuroMold 2010 again will be an innovative and technological high-class exhibition.


Testimonials from exhibitors:

EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems, Dr. Christof M. Stotko, Head of Global Marketing
Participating at EuroMold 2009 was very successful for EOS. We mad many new high-class contacts and cultivated our relationship to our customers. The concept with the new hall 11.0 came off very well.

BIKAR Metalle, Konstantin Bikar, CEO
Despite all negative forecasts and expectations, partly being published in media, EuroMold 2009 ­ World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, design and Application Development ­ was a smashing success. Even more surprisingly was the high number of interested attendees. In addition to our entire current business partner we registered numerous CEOs, purchase managers, engineers and designers, who informed themselves on our materials and its features within mold- and modelmaking. Sensational were the significant contracts we signed up on our booth with some big and renowned new customers, which is very unusual in our field of industry. Summing up we have to state that EuroMold 2009 was the most successful exhibition ever.

Cimatron GmbH, Dirk Dombert, CEO
EuroMold 2009 was a very successful event. Contrary to all fears due to the crisis the number of prosperous contacts increased significantly. Also in respect of quality I must state, that we expect several completion of contracts after the show. Even during EuroMold we signed several contracts. All in all EuroMold 2009 was very successful and we will be back 2010.

Objet Geometries GmbH, Andy Middleton, CEO Europe:
We were staggered by the high number and quality of trade visitors, which came and met us at our booth in hall 11.0 on the first day already. The flow of attendees was on a high level all 4 days. The interest in Rapid Prototyping is increasing daily and we are happy to have been involved. It was great, we are excited.

Sescoi GmbH, Brigitte Dauth, Administration Manager
EuroMold is the industrial show for moldmaking and tooling in Europe and the No. 1 for us. We always have a big stand at EuroMold. Of course we also attend other exhibitions, but on no other show we can reach our customers in such a concentrate way as here. From this year's EuroMold we did expect a great plenty of customer contacts as a clear indication for a recovery of the markets. We did not get disappointed.

Werkzeugbau Ruhla, Marco Schülken, CEO
We were surprised that EuroMold 2009 on the first day already had such a rush of visitors. At least for the duration of EuroMold 2009 the still prevailing crisis seemed to be forgotten. EuroMold has always been and still is the most important trade show for moldmaking and tooling in Germany, and, we will certainly participate at EuroMold 2010 again. The new hall structure with the new built hall 11.0 was enrichment for the show. It made it more compact and much more lucrative for the visitors.

Dörries Scharmann Technologie GmbH, Michael Schedler, Head of Marketing
In a very tough period of uncertainty EuroMold has strengthened its position as the leading exhibition for moldmaking and tooling. Once again EuroMold came off with lots of positive impulses for the future. High class attendees caused heavy traffic on the stands. Numerous shop talks, also about new projects, showed up good prospects for 2010. The new hall 11.0 was vitalising, it attracted attention by its interesting architecture and by the attractive mix of exhibitors.

OxiMaTec GmbH, Dr. Wolfgang Burger, Dr. Wolfgang Leonhardt, CEOs
The high number of visitors and the positive spirit has once again underlined the uniqueness of EuroMold. Our joint stand was attended heavily and we had lots of interrogations with high-class professionals. Attendees showed big interest in our tailor-made materials and components. Our concept 'from raw material to component, from the prototype to series production' did convince all visitors. The show was far beyond our expectations and we will of course participate next year again.

BÖHLER EDELSTAHL GmbH & Co KG, Kurt Weidhofer
Among all trade fair participations EuroMold is the highlight for us. The high number of high class attendees took us by surprise. EuroMold is simply the leading exhibition. It has a very special atmosphere which you can already feel during set up.

designlab, University of Coburg, Prof. Peter Raab
The impact of the show and the outstanding professional attendees is exceptional. I am impressed. In economical terms EuroMold gives outstanding signals, too.

Dassault Systemes, Michael Brückmann, Manager Marketing & Communication Central Europe
The new built hall 11.0 und the compact appearance have upgraded the show for both exhibitors and attendees. Despite the tough economical situation EuroMold once again revealed that it is the meeting point for all involved in moldmaking and tooling, design and product development. Once more the show came up to expectations in terms of quantity and quality of contacts. We plan to be present at EuroMold 2010 again.

FOOKE GmbH, Nadine Rexhaj
Quantity and quality of trade visitors took us by surprise. Recapitulating we must say: Good that we were there. We achieved a very good result.

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