"Moulds Event 2010" attended by hundreds: Portugal gathered theToolmaking community

The "Moulds Event 2010" has been a showcase for new achievements on Research and
Development (R&D) in the tool, mouldmaking and plastics industry. The event took place
between the 20th and 24th of September in the cities of Marinha Grande and Oliveira de
Azeméis, the two main locations for this Industry in Portugal, concentrating around 500
SME and employing 8.000 people.

The "Moulds Event 2010" was pronounced "an opportunity for all industry's stakeholders to
update information, and establish new contacts and partnerships", by Joaquim Menezes,
President of ISTMA and also from the Technological Centre for Moulds Industry, Special Tools
and Plastics (CENTIMFE), one of the organisations involved in the event's organization.
More than 600 people from some 11 countries attended the "Mould Event 2010" and
participated in the activities during the week, including the presence of 74 speakers, among
them the Portuguese Economy Minister, José Vieira da Silva that ended up the event.
Marinha Grande and Oliveira de Azeméis welcomed more than 50% of participants from
industrial companies, but it was also significant the percentage of Innovation and Development
Centres, Training Centres and Universities attending the several conferences, workshops and
meetings - 33%.
At the closing session, the Portuguese Economy and Innovation Minister highlighted "the
extraordinary and relevant initiative due to the number of activities and entities involved, but
also a significant step to the development of this truly important industry in the sustainability of a
modern and high value economy". On his speech, Vieira da Silva also congratulated the
Portuguese Mould Industry for it's "entrepreneurship, innovation, qualified and specialized
labour force and for its international networking with industry stakeholders".

Challenges and technology
The theme of the international Conference 'Rapid Product Development' (RPD) was "Industrial
Knowledge for Innovation". The most relevant matters discussed were related with the main
challenges that introduction of new technologies, methodologies and processes are creating in
the companies and its influence on industry competitiveness worldwide.
With the participation of researchers coming from several institutions and countries, this
technical and scientific meeting integrated the first-time Chinese participants
Also the Brokerage Event, a forum for promotion of bilateral meetings and discussion of
proposals for innovation and development projects, has contributed to the reinforcement of the
involvement of Engineering and Tooling companies in the European innovation network and to
the consolidation of new R&D projects to be submitted under the new Framework Programme.
International trademark
"Moldes Portugal 2010" Conference, attended by more than one hundred of entrepreneurs and
industry managers, gathered in Marinha Grande the toolmaking community. It proved to be a
space of alignment and strategic reflection about new trends and new developments of the
industry within the worldwide economy.
The organisation reports that it has contributed for a wider visibility of 'Engineering and
Tooling from Portugal
' collective trademark on an international basis, reinforcing and exploring
the image, network and skills of this industry. This brand is the support for the international
promotional campaign from the Portuguese Mouldmakers, created with the main objective of
attracting new customers from abroad.

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