Exhibition for Metal Working - AMB 2010 in Stuttgart

Extensive visitor interest in Mikron's "new" machining center

Participation in this year's metal working exhibition, the AMB 2010 in Stuttgart, was a
huge success for Mikron Machining. At the centre of the presentation was the further
development of the Multistep XT-200 machining system. Presented under the heading
"Advantage through modularity", a machine concept was introduced which captured the
essence of the era. Attendees visiting the booth displayed serious interest. The quality of
the contacts made was exceptional.

One of the greatest challenges presently facing the machining industry is the ability to react to
immense fluctuation in order volumes with speed and flexibility. The Multistep promises to be
the perfect solution. The configuration of the machine is strictly modular. More precisely, each of
the up to four machining modules is a conventional machining center. This entirely new viewing
of the Multistep concept amazed the many interested visitors. With the Multistep, Mikron
Machining offers the flexibility of a machining center combined with the precision and
productivity of a transfer machine. Furthermore, because of the modular format, investment
options can be added on a step-by-step basis.

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