- Evolution in Heat Treatment in Automobile Industries since 2004, worldwide
- FORD CQI-9 Heat Treat Process Control Requirements for global supply base,
Heat Treat Technical Expert - STA- Global Purchasing
- Innovation and better productivity in Vacuum furnaces, IPSEN
- Innovation and better productivity in Batch type furnaces, IPSEN
- Plasma Nitriding of Titanium Alloys-Fundamentals and Applications
- Ferritic Nitro Carburizing (FNC) with post oxidation as chrome replacement for the automotive industry: Case studies and examples
Tenova Thermprocess Tenova Core Inc.
- Instrumentation and Process Control - A Resource
Vijayesh Instruments Pvt Ltd
- Electron beam surface hardening ­ Technology and application
Zenker Consult
- Retained Austenite : non destructive analysis by XRD and ASTM E 975-03 - GNR
- Heat Treaters put platers on Hot seats - Marathon Manufacturing Services
- Table Ronde about Heat Treatment issues

To present a paper, please contact us
The papers should present the best available innovations in Heat Treatment of metals and include a CASE STUDY.
No presentation is allowed without heat treatment application.
20 minutes for each presentation +10 minutes for audience questions.

The audience is composed of heat treatment professionals of main Heat Treating Shops and clients in all metals industries ( Automobile, Aerospace, Foundries, Forges, Molds industries etc). such as these companies present in previous congress : FORD, TRW, VALEO, BODYCOTE, TEXAS HEATING, STEEL TREATING, SPX, CERTIFIED HEAT TREATING, ALFE HEAT TREATING...

Registration is required ( including, coffee, lunch, documentation, visit of the stands)



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