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DISAMATIC 2013A MK5 with AMC 18m SBC 40m
Brand: DISA
Type: 2013A MK5
With core setter CSE 95.2548
Mould dimensions: 600 mm x 480 mm / 130 - 300 mm thick

Manipulator CLANSMAN, type C3010/E3

Weight: ± 5 t
Discharge: max. 6580 mm / min. 2385 mm
Height: max. 5000 mm
Lifting capacity: total 3 t
Payload: 1,5 t
With hydraulic unit
With pincer


Moulding plant HWS EFA-SD6

Fully automatic greensand - SEIATSU moulding line hydraulic multistamp compaction
Type: EFA SD 6
Moulding performance: 20 complete moulds / h
Flasks: 1200 mm x 1000 mm x 350/350 mm
Control SIEMENS S7-300

Moulding plant HWS HSP1-D
Fully automatic greensand - SEIATSU moulding line hydraulic multistamp compaction
Flasks: 650 x 500 x 300 + 50/300 mm
Moulding performance: 50 complete moulds/h
Control SIEMENS S7-300148 moulds

Greensand cooler SIMPSON MC25
Output: 25 t/h
Mixer drive: 11 kW
Blower: 11 kW
Control box Automat SIEMENS S7
With water control system

Induction furnace ABP, 2 x 8 t, 250 Hz, 7,3 MW
Power: 6100 kW, 20000 V
Primary voltage: 20.000 V, frequency: 250 Hz
24 pulses
With 2 vibration loading conveyors
With cooling unit

Furnace ABP, vibrating conveyor included
2x crucible; content 3,2 t/h
Power input: 3280 kVA
                     2800 kW
New ABP control box in 2013


Tumble belt shot blast machine WHEELABRATOR-BERGER R4d(v)

Loading capacity: 2500 kg
Loading volume: 1.2 m³
Requested filter capacity at 60-80 da.Pa .: 10 000 Bm³ / h
With SIEMENS S5 control
With hydraulic loading skip
With unloading vibration conveyor

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