Papers 2015

From 7:45 am - Decoration of the stands
From 8:30 am - Distribution badges to attendees

09:00 am - Evolution in Heat Treatment in Automobile Industries since 2004, worldwide
09:30 am - Uni-Grid Fixture System - SCHUNK
10:00 am - " Reference QuenchProbe" A breakthrough technology for online quality control of Heat Treatment Process PROVAC
10:30 am - " Single-Piece, High-Volume, Low-Distortion Case Hardening of Gears. Uni Case Master. SECO/WARWICK

11:00 am - Tea Break and visit of the stands

11:30 am - Automated Rapid Quench Heat Treatment for Duplex Castings Dhanaprakash
12:00 am - CQI9 and unique solutions for Automotive Heat Treatment EUROTHERM
12:30 am - Induction hardening: process development and control with the VHM and HHM type hardening equipments AAGES

1:00 pm - Lunch Break and visit of the stands

2:00 pm - Process Control in Gas Carburising for Automobile Gears Karkhanis Group
2:30 pm - Retained Austenite: non destructive analysis by XRD and ASTM E 975-03 - GNR
3:00 pm - Quenching Equipment - Benefits of Automated Quenching
Dango & Dienenthal Hollerbach GmbH
3:30 pm - Modular Equipment for Maximum efficiency for Heat Treatment - ECM
4:00 pm - Mechanical and Thermal Shock resistant refractory products for heat treat and forge applications ALLIED REFRACTORY PRODUCT INDIA
4:30 pm - Simulation Approach for Optimization of the Submersion Quenching Process AVL-AST
5:00 pm - Instrumentation for better Heat Treatment Vijayesh Instruments Pvt Ltd
5:30 pm - Presentation of AVDHOOT HEAT TREAT PVT. LTD.
6:00 pm - Visit of the stands and End of the event

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Opened to all profesionals, the papers should present the best innovations in Heat Treatment of metals and include a CASE STUDY.
20 minutes for each presentation +10 minutes for questions.

The audience is composed of heat treatment professionals of main Heat Treating Shops and clients in all metals industries in India ( Automobile, OEM, Aerospace, Foundries, Forges, Molds industries etc.) and of several countries