Mikron Machining presents at BIMU 2012, 2 products to hit the crisis

Mirkon will present at BIMU 2012, hall 15, stand F19, two products that fit to the current market conditions, which require great flexibility as well as keeping extremely productive. The two products are the Mikron NAM-10, and virtually the new Multistar

Mikron Multistar is well known as the most productive transfer machine set in the world: it reaches 150 cycles per minute and it holds a record for production, being able to make 520 pieces per minute in quadruple-cycle mode. As well as being very productive, our machine is also known for it capability to produce precise components for the most demanding industries, such as the automotive one, that requires extreme statistical controls at values of Cpk=1.67.
The new Multistar NX-24 belongs to the same family, from which it "inherited" the great number of stations, high performing spindles and solid mechanics. Instead of the mechanical cams activation, the new Mikron (which proved itself to be very successful since the introduction at EMO2011) has electronically controlled machining units which permit profitable productions even with small lots -a few hundreds of pieces- too. This system is the ideal solution for several industries such as the automotive, medical, air-conditioning and gas industries, for pieces up to Ø 35 L65 mm.

The machining systems Mikron NAM are part of the universal transfer family sets which differs itself from the transfer dedicated to the production of a restrict set of components. Now, thanks to a high degree of standardisation, all the CNC machining units are identical for both, vertical and horizontal operations. This makes it easy to perform a change-over of future applications.
Mikron NAM transfers allow fast and profitable productions starting from wire-coil, bars or blanks and material like steel, brass, titanium and gold up to dimension of 40x40x160mm. They can be used in several industrial sectors such as watch, eyewear, medical, locks, fittings & of course automotive. The Mikron NAM-10 that will be presented at BIMU, will be equipped for the production starting from stainless steel bar at a rate of 20 pieces/min. The degree of tolerance accepted and required by the automotive industry is approx. 0.02mm with a Cpk of 1.33.