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- Introduction Paper from ORDEM DOS ENGENHIEROS REGIÃO NORTE : Causas e consequências das tensões residuais.
- The evaluation of management quality systems in heat treatment process, a contingent view -TRATERME
- The importance of energy efficiency in local postweld heat treatment - TRATERME
- Evolution of Heat Treatment in Automobile Industries since 2004, worldwide, including Nanotechs for Heat Treatment. TRATAMIENTOS TERMICOS
- Innovations in Low Pressure Carburizing for High Production - IPSEN
- The Power of PMetrics : Optimizing Operations with Predictive Maintenance - IPSEN
- OERLIKON LEYBOLD VACUUM : Energy Efficient Vacuum Solutions
- Virfac HT - simulating your Heat Treatment - GeonX
- More to come

Opened to all profesionals, the papers should present the best innovations in Heat Treatment of metals and include a CASE STUDY.
20 minutes for each presentation +10 minutes for questions.

The audience is composed of heat treatment professionals of main Heat Treating Shops and clients in all metals industries in Portugal ( Automobile, OEM, Aerospace, Foundries, Forges, Molds industries etc.).

To present a paper, please contact

 Stand : 390 euros


  People registration : 95 euros



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