Shanghai Tube Expo 2008 attracted 18,163 trade visitors from 82 countries and regions during the 3-day show, among which 2,106 were from overseas. A total exhibiting area of 12,000 sqm, 544 standard booths, 302 exhibitors. Download Shanghai Tube Expo 2008 Show Report

Shanghai Tube Expo 2009 will be held on May 5-7, 2009 at Shanghai International Exhibition Center (INTEX Shanghai), Shanghai ­ China.
INTEX Shanghai, with its quality exhibition facilities and excellent services, has been the first international exhibition center in China that is authorized by ISO9001.


International Tube Association (ITA)
China Cold Roll-Forming Steel Association of China Steel Construction Society
Shanghai Steel Tube Trade Association
China Steel Pipe Association of China Steel Construction Society(CSPA)
China Metallurgical Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Organizers :
 Shanghai Shenshi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
 MP International Pte Ltd.
Spain & Spanish Countries

Promote your company and products to target buyers through our value-added services to:
- Amplify your brand
- Attract buyers to your booth
- Maximize your exposure
Our Organizing team will continue to provide complete value-added services and personalized solutions for expanding exhibitors' benefits:
- Exhibitor data entry in SHOW Catalogue as Chinese and English
- Special buyer invitation on behalf of exhibitors
- E newsletter to all target groups
- Market info
- Online virtual exhibition

Exhibit Profiles
- Raw materials, steel tubes, pipes and accessories
- Stainless steel tubes
- Steel Tube & Pipe manufacturing machinery
- Rebuilt and reconditioned machinery
- Process technology tools and auxiliaries
- Measuring and control technology
-Test engineering
- Special areas
- Agents, Consultants, Publications and Others
For Space Assignment
Space Assignment Procedure
-The 2009 Expo Registration Forms iDownload Registration Form are ready and will be sent on request.
- Any potential exhibitor once has made its decision to participate in this expo, please submit completed Registration Form with official stamp.
- Remit the full payment of the booked booth or raw space into the bank account designated by the organizer in 7 working days after submitting your Registration Forms.
- Upon receipt of both the Registration Forms and related fee, the organizer will give the exhibitor a copy of recognition letter to confirm his participation.
- The allocation of booth is based on the principle of "first come, first serve." Therefore, please submit your Registration Form and remit your participation fee at your earliest convenient time.
- Information regarding travel, traffic, accommodation, exhibits shipment, moving, etc. is defined in the exhibitor manual. The organizer will mail or e-mail it to each exhibitor for their reference on time before the opening of this event.
We thank you for your continued support of Shanghai Tube Expo 2009 !

There are no equipments in the raw space and if you want special booth decoration, you should apply in advance:
-Raw Space : International Pavilion $280/sqm from 27 sqm
-Standard Booth : International Pavilion US$3500.00/12 sqm
                                                                             US$4500.00/15 sqm
                                                                             US$5600.00/18 sqm
(Booths are 3m x 4m or its multiple unless otherwise stated)

Basic fittings of one Standard booth (12sqm, 15sqm, 18sqm) contain: three-plane boarding,
one table, two folding chairs, fascia boars with company name in Chinesa and English,
two fire lights, one 220V/5A power socket, fully floored carpet. Electricity is free of charge.

Visitors Invitation

Shanghai Tube Expo 2009 will gain the support of nearly 300 professional media home and abroad together with steel industry associations, trade promotion bureaus, commercial departments. With network advantage and abundant resources, we will organize plenty of professional buyers and visitors to come and purchase.
We'll take advantage of visitor database of previous exhibitions and high quality industry database of media partners to send pointed, regular and direct post to professional visitors and buyers in five continents, send updated information from time to time and invite target visitors to come.
At the same time, we'll customize professional inviting plans for exhibitors. According to the nature of items on display and technologies, we'll identify the profession, function and area of professional visitors. Also, we'll prepare sophisticated professional visitor database and make promotions through all the channels to these professional visitors and buyers.
In addition, we'll release VIP visitors' inviting plans, invite core purchasing agents point to point, organize the professional purchasing delegations, and provide them with VIP treatment. The plan includes making arrangements of on-site meeting, on-site media interview and effect assessment between purchasing agents and exhibitors.
Advertisement in expo directory
Inside Front Cover: US$ 2600
Inside Back Cover: US$ 1600
Full Page(B/W): US$ 600
Full Page(Color): US$ 800
Back Cover: US$ 2000
Other advertisements
Inflatable arch: US$1200/each
On-site spray painting (3m x 4m): US$1600/each
Ticket: US$1600/20000 pieces
Souvenir bag: US$5000/10000 pieces

Booth Information
Standard Booth
Perspective and Floor plan Drawing

Basic fittings of one Standard booth (12sqm, 15sqm, 18sqm) contain: three-plane boarding,
one table, two folding chairs, fascia boars with company name in Chinesa and English,
two fire lights, one 220V/5A power socket, fully floored carpet. Electricity is free of charge.

Special decoration booth
We provide kinds of personalized design.
- Reasonable and detailed price
- Construct and manage
- Extra installation
- Ingenious design
- Video and audio equipment used for lectures
- Works supervision